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Learn:  Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Ukulele, Flute, Recorder, Cello, Songwriting and more...
  •  A Method for Beginners: We focus on playing first, theory later
  •  Fun, Fast and Easy: We work with preschoolers and children using colors to make it fun, fast and easy
  • Mastery Skills: Learn real music skills, not just singalong
Since 2007, we've been teaching life skills through music lessons for kids 4+

Welcome, fellow Brooklyn parent!

I started this school in my living room to help my then preschool son learn music.  Over the last 11 years, we've gone on to activate hundreds of students with thousands of lessons and bringing on many more teachers.

I look forward to helping your child discover the joy of music while learning valuable life skills applicable to school, study and future career.
Andrew Ingkavet, 
Park Slope Music Lessons
"The system works, it is beautiful and it is effective. Thanks to the teacher's guidance, kids not only enjoy learning how to play an instrument; they also achieve a sense of accomplishment and joy in doing so. I recommend Park Slope Music Lessons wholeheartedly."- Maria, a PSML parent
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  • Why Curriculum Is Important: And which one we use
  • Which Instrument To Start With: There is an optimal  instrument to start with first
  • At What Age To Start Private Music Lessons: You may be surprised
  •  And so much more
A method designed for beginners
Our curriculum developed by our founder, Andrew Ingkavet, is called the Musicolor Method®.  It uses color as scaffolding to bypass confusion of symbols to get confidence by playing quickly.  The non-traditional method is student-centered and yet still teaches all the same mastery concepts, just in a more approachable sequence.  
Start now with trial lessons
We start with 2 trial lessons as a way to get a rapport between teacher and student before committing to monthly tuition.
Mastery in music is mastery in life skills
We focus on building real foundational skills.  This is not just play time or singalong jam sessions.  Your child will learn how to play an instrument, note names and note-reading as well as skills like practice, focus, grit that are usable in school, work and life.
"Park Slope Music Lessons has done a WONDERFUL job of not just teaching my two sons music (piano and guitar both theory and practice) but also instilled a great love of music. "
- Aparna, a PSML parent
Our Teachers 
All of our teachers are professional educators, musicians and are fully background-checked.  They are all trained in our proprietary Musicolor Method® and can provide excellent coaching, mentorship and instruction.  See bios.
Public Performance
We provide two public recital concerts per year.  This is a huge growth opportunity for every student.   Practice of performance leads to greater confidence in public speaking, one of the most valued skills in life.
We offer in-home lessons in Park Slope and surrounding neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  There is limited availability for studio lessons in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and downtown Brooklyn.  
Some Student Recital Performances
Why Study Music?
Music has been proven to stimulate brain development, especially in young children...
"Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.” - Maria Popova,

Activate Your Child's Future
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